About us


AustroCham serves as a networking platform for the Austrian community and its interests in Hong Kong and, in particular, to create, advance and promote relations between Austria and Hong Kong.


To provide a channel of communication within the business community, with the Government of Hong Kong, local business associations and trade institutions officially representing Austrian interests in Hong Kong and Austria

To provide a forum for Austrians in Hong Kong and promote personal contacts amongst AustroCham members and with local friends of Austria

To facilitate and foster friendship, understanding, communication and commerce between Austria and Hong Kong

To promote measures benefiting and protecting the interests in Hong Kong of companies and citizens of Austria

To advance education and training in commercial and technical matters and to support scholarships and exhibitions to be held by or otherwise assist young persons desiring to train for commercial careers and to support establishments and institutions for any of such purposes

To promote and support social, cultural and educational events of interest to the Austrian community in Hong Kong.

Affiliations in Hong Kong

AustroCham is member of the European Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong, InterCham, and the International Business Committee of the Hong Kong SAR Government to express concerns and contribute ideas of our membership to authorities and policy makers.

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